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NCTCA 2021 Presidents’ Welcome Address - National Anthem, Indigenous Land Acknowledgement, Honorary President and Opening Remarks.

ATA President’s Address - Jason Schilling

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Each Pre-recorded session can be found within our schedule or can be watched on demand in our Video Library and will be available for the entire month of February. LIVE sessions that are being recorded will be in the library Monday, February 8.

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Holly Rae Yuzicapi

Holly Rae Yuzicapi is a proud Dakota/Lakota woman from the Standing Buffalo Dakota Nation in Southern Saskatchewan. Growing up in a Dakota family, Holly has learned a lot about traditional arts, foods and dance. She is a Cultural Arts instructor that has travelled across Canada delivering sessions to all ages. Holly has done a lot of youth engagement and has a passion for helping youth make stronger cultural connections. She has a strong belief that traditional art and cultural experiences will share the history of First Nations people and believes art can create a strong sense of identity and confidence for young people. Holly also believes that creating unique common cultural sharing opportunities will help create a strong foundation for building relationships. As a former Cultural Arts Consultant with the First Nation, Metis and Inuit Education unit with Edmonton Public Schools, Holly has travelled to many schools facilitating whole school four day cultural engagement visits. These visits have been well received in schools and have also been featured on CTV Edmonton and in the Alberta Teachers Association newsletter. Holly has been providing professional learning sessions for educators. Hosting different topics to help educators become more culturally engaged in the classroom from a First Nations, Metis and Inuit perspective. Providing First Nation influenced activities to schools and professional learning opportunities for teachers has encouraged positive cultural discussions among students and staff as well as bringing understanding to a foundational level. ● Participants will have the opportunity to participate in meaningful discussions and interactive activities exploring the fundamental elements of culture. ● Authentic engagement and experiential learning with activities in themes such as Introduction to Culture, Traditional Foods, Cultural Arts, Traditional Games and Design and Identity.