NCTCA 2021 has ended
NCTCA 2021 Presidents’ Welcome Address - National Anthem, Indigenous Land Acknowledgement, Honorary President and Opening Remarks.

ATA President’s Address - Jason Schilling

NCTCA 2021 Video Library - Closed 
Each Pre-recorded session can be found within our schedule or can be watched on demand in our Video Library and will be available for the entire month of February. LIVE sessions that are being recorded will be in the library Monday, February 8.

Take a 5 minute activity break!  Ready In Five Video Library!
Learn more about how you can bring Ready in Five into your online classroom at www.getreadyinfive.com

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Morgex Insurance is proud to sponsor the 2021 ATA Conventions. Request a quote and you could win 1 of 5 Home Office Prizes worth $5,000 each. Click on the Convention’s Sponsor page for additional information.

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There is no age limit to learning! From the little child who swipes a finger across a tablet to the grandparent who assists the child in learning to read, the student who has difficulties, the self-taught adult, the newcomer who wishes to learn English, as well as teachers. Éditions de l’Envolée can assist them all in their learning process.

The educational material that has made our reputation for over 20 years is developed by teachers or early childhood and youth educators who have piloted the activities with students. We have a qualified team of project managers, programmers, graphic designers, illustrators and revisers-proofreaders who ensure the excellence of our products, making sure that each product is appropriate to the target clientele and is attractive and readable.

We are committed to providing teachers, parents and students with quality educational resources that are designed to facilitate learning. We value the development of literacy, numeracy, science and arts. Share with us the passion for education!