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NCTCA 2021 Presidents’ Welcome Address - National Anthem, Indigenous Land Acknowledgement, Honorary President and Opening Remarks.

ATA President’s Address - Jason Schilling

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Each Pre-recorded session can be found within our schedule or can be watched on demand in our Video Library and will be available for the entire month of February. LIVE sessions that are being recorded will be in the library Monday, February 8.

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Friday, February 5

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***Pre-recorded*** Creating Pathways of Hope: Developing Life Promoting Cultures Within School Systems Virtual Room 01 (Admin)Kim Tackaberry • Charlie Kraig Teaching for Tomorrow's STEM Workplace Virtual Room 37 (General)Alissa Boyle • Keely McPhee Play is the Key to University Virtual Room 27 (Phys Ed/Early Childhood)Judy Arnall That Big Bad World - Helping Kids Thrive in Anxious Times Virtual Feature Room ADr. Alex Russell Le pouvoir de la diversité Virtual Feature Room CCorneille My Journey From Student to Teacher and Back Again Virtual Feature Room DScott Hebert Bougez, observez, parlez ! Des stratégies théâtrales pour encourager le langage parlé. Virtual Room 13 (French)Marylou Gammans ***Pre-recorded*** The Core Ingredients: Exploring the role of nutrition in schools Virtual Room 15 (Health)Teaching Sexual Health - Alberta Health Services Shake Up Your Primary Fact Fluency Practice Virtual Room 23 (Math)Lori Triplett Ever Active Schools Feature Presentation: Impactful student leadership in the here and now Virtual Room 26 (Phys Ed)Ever Active Schools • The Joy4All Project Stump the Chaplain! Virtual Room 28 (Fine Arts/Religious Studies)Mike Landry • Mike Landry ***Pre-recorded*** Innovative Science Demos - Danci(NG) with Elements! Virtual Room 29 (Science)Michael Ng How to Bring Canadian History to Life - Acadian Deportation Virtual Room 31 (Social Studies)Joanna Zakus • Nicholle Morrison Building Resiliency Virtual Room 34 (Teacher Wellness)Dan Bateman From Concept to Clip: Effective Use of Movies in the Classroom Virtual Room 03 (General)Klay Dyer Put some Zing into Your Art Lessons With Zentangle!BACKPACK Virtual Room 10 (Fine Arts)Karin Hitchcock ***Pre-recorded*** Writing that Stirs the Heart Virtual Room 22 (LA)Jaclyn Chute Creatively Approaching Shakespeare 1.0 Virtual Room 20 (LA)Bill Jacobsen ***Pre-recorded*** Teaching Algebra With Meaning! Less Rules, More Number Sense Virtual Room 25 (Math)Keith Van De Keere Google Classroom ++ Virtual Room 35 (Technology)Melanie Samson-Cormier Make Your Own Felt Banners: A CTS Project For StudentsBACKPACK Virtual Room 04 (CTS)Cynthia Dyer Cross-Curricular Art ProjectsBACKPACK Virtual Room 19 (Indigenous Ed/Fine Arts)Izabella Orzelski Tipi Teachings and Balanced Living Virtual Room 18 (Indigenous Ed)Phillip Campiou

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