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2021 Partners in Education Virtual Luncheon - Shelley Moore
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Thursday February 4th, 2021
11:00am - 11:30am - Virtual Reception
11:30am-12:30am - Shelley Moore

Some sessions have BACKPACKS. These sessions require supplies that need to be purchased or gathered by the Attendee prior to the session. The BACKPACK document is attached to each session and provided the list of supplies to be purchased or gathered.

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Thursday, February 4

8:30am MST

9:00am MST

97 Staff Recognition Tips in Just 60 Minutes Virtual Room 01 (Admin)Nelson Scott What We Learned in the Woods: Notes from the Wilderness Virtual Room 04 (CTS)Vincent Mireau Connecting the Dots: Current Events To Future Opportunities Virtual Feature Room AAnna Maria Tremonti • Anna Maria Tremonti Teammates in Disguise: A Coach's Approach to life, leadership, and learning. Virtual Feature Room CTrevor Moore Test Anxiety - A Group Approach Virtual Room 12 (Guidance)Kris Christianson Inspire students to be Difference Maker’s Virtual Room 16 (Inclusive Ed)Jacqueline Beaudry • Jacqueline Beaudry How to Support Teachers in Working with Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers Virtual Room 19 (Indigenous Ed)Melissa Purcell ***Pre-recorded*** Deliberate Practice: What? When? Why? Virtual Room 24 (Math)Jane Gannon Technology In The Music Room Virtual Room 10 (Fine Arts)Laura Banu How is it Really Going? Teaching Health and Phys Ed in a Pandemic Virtual Room 26 (Phys Ed)Ever Active Schools Inquiring Minds: Authoritative Digital Resources for Division III and IV Inquiry-based learning Virtual Room 31 (Social Studies)Lorisia MacLeod Holocaust Studies- A New LDC! Virtual Room 37 (General)Lindsay Kate Anderson ***Pre-recorded*** When Bad Things Happen - What Teachers Can Do To Help Students Virtual Room 03 (General)Karen Sabourin ***Pré-enregistré*** Créer facilement des sites web et des animations vidéo avec Adobe Spark Virtual Room 14 (French)Eric Caron Insert Coin to Continue - Advanced Classroom Gamification! Virtual Room 06 (Differential Instruction)Scott Hebert Pop Art Printmaking Virtual Room 11 (Fine Arts)Bogdan Konikowski Food Explorers: Sparking curiosity with nutrition education Virtual Room 15 (Health)Mary Block • Lindsay Buchanan Smudging Circle Virtual Room 18 (Indigenous Ed)Phillip Campiou Literacy and Well-being in Your Schoolyard: Fun with Words in the Outdoors Virtual Room 20 (LA)Kathy Worobec The Power of Extreme Writing Virtual Room 22 (LA)Diana Cruchley Number Sense to Number Facts: Addition & Subtraction K to 3 Virtual Room 23 (Math)Geri Lorway Life Cycles FIELD Kits - friendly, interactive, engaging, learning, discovery Kits Virtual Room 29 (Science)Kenzie Field More than Just a Presentation Tool: Building Creative & Engaging Lessons through Google Slides Virtual Room 35 (Technology)Chad Starko Watercolor wild and free with Willie Virtual Room 08 (Fine Arts)BACKPACKWILLIE WONG Atelier musical et rythmique. Aucune expérience musical requise Virtual Room 13 (French)BACKPACKlouise raymond

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GitHub: Expanding the Computer Science Curriculum Virtual Room 04 (CTS)John Chan The Last Word on Truth - Who Can You Trust in the Information Crisis Virtual Feature Room AAnthony Wilson-Smith The Self-Care Trap: What We Keep Getting Wrong About Mental Health Virtual Feature Room CLee Thomas Creating Possibility: Regulate Yourself First, the Students Second Virtual Room 16 (Inclusive Ed)Vincent Mireau La résolution de problèmes, est-ce un problème? 1ère à 3e année Virtual Room 14 (French)Renée Michaud ***Pre-recorded*** Probability "Corner" Virtual Room 24 (Math)Sandy Johnson Reconnecting to Your Calling: Moving From Teacher Well-being to Being Well as Teachers Virtual Room 26 (Phys Ed)Ever Active Schools Fear and Loathing in Less Volume - Ideas for Relationship Building in the Classroom Virtual Room 03 (General)Terry Hogan How to Teach Creativity (even if you think you're not creative) Virtual Room 37 (General)Brandon Love Rising Strong™ After Setbacks Virtual Room 01 (Admin)Kimberly Knull Improv For All! Virtual Room 10 (Fine Arts)Kris Christianson ***Pre-recorded*** Growth follows Failure Virtual Room 12 (Guidance)Kathy Penner Attendance, Indigeneity, and Cultural Anxiety Virtual Room 19 (Indigenous Ed)Dr. Mairi McDermott • Teresa Fowler • Teresa Anne Fowler Global Citizenship in the Time of Global Crises Virtual Room 31 (Social Studies)Leah Ettarh An Apple a Day: How technology and the internet affect our health and wellness Virtual Room 33 (Teacher Wellness)Ariel Haubrich

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